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second hand cars with warranty

Until you know what the cause is, it’s impossible to know what action you should take. Thankyou in advance for any advice. Is this covered under warranty? If he does, contact Skoda and get it to a registered Skoda garage ASAP before the date is up. Hi Stuart However some idiot hot me which wrote my car off. Obviously, that can happen at any time and is not covered by warranty (in fact, I have had this exact situation this week!). I bought a Peugeot 508 automatic on finance approx 3 months ago. You have a six-month window where the law works in your favour and his 28-day story is absolutely false. I contacted the dealer who confirmed the warranty could be used. Hi I bought a MINI Coupé from the car shop 24th September a few things were wrong: an intermittent fan, the display console switching off constantly and a rubbing sound as it’s steered to the left. The garage it is in says it looks like no service was done for well over a year, Audi say that from new it shows no service history. Don’t want to pay £100 for something that was never supplied on day 1. But 1 month down the line it has gearbox issues. Have a read of our article about rejecting a faulty car. I paid £4500 for a car 3 months ago, whilst driving this home from the garage a throttle light came on the dash I didn’t really think much of this and although I let the garage know about this they did not respond, knowing I had 6 months warranty left I figured any issues I could get them repaired for free anyway. I have a few questions, please advise. Is this correct enough? They diagnosed a problem with the turbo actuator, SEAT will pay for the part if I pay for labour which would be £150. This was written on top of the invoice for the car but no official warranty paperwork was given to me or an itemised list of what major faults would be. Hi New car servicing – do I have to take my car back to the dealer? They say the diagnostics didn’t show anything but replaced the console however the same still happens as for the other issues they said it’s not happened to them! They then give it back to me without saying anything etc etc. On 5th February I bought a 2015 Hyundai i40 estate from a dealership. For more information, have a read of our guide to rejecting a faulty car. I think the problem for me is that it is a grey area and the two clauses are in some way conflicting therefore confusing. I would suggest putting your issue in writing and note that you have been unable to contact the warranty provider on the number provided. The car came with a warranty of 3 months and went back 17th October and I’ve not had it since. Hi Natalie. Can they refuse me? Many thanks. The dealer also sold us a £1500 12 month warranty of which he fobs us off saying we don’t need paperwork or we’ve got a warranty in place and not to worry. Nevertheless, he offered to go halves on any surplus to this £250 for the cost of getting a refurbished engine fitted in the the car. Hi Rachel. Took it to gearbox specialist last week ( as normal repair garages wouldn’t touch it as it’s 7 speed automatic). as it seems that dealership had knowledge that this car had faulty products in and did not let him know about this and also did not sell him the car as advertised due to the full service history advertised? Apparently the car has a dsg Auto gearbox so quotes are in the region of £700 to fix. I’ve just bought a Toyota Avensis 4 days ago,I’ve done less than 100 miles and the clutch is slipping very badly,it is a 2010 model and cost me £5,500,how do I stand with getting this repaired? We’re talking £2000-£3000 worth of repairs, there. It is a Seat Leon, 2006, 103 000miles for £2000 – I was told to leave the car again with them. Hi Craig. If you want to keep the car now that the gearbox is fixed, you will probably have to go via the small claims process. I bought it from a large dealer who has 2 sites dealing in prestige cars. So how can they simply take the money, som £700 and get away with doing nothing for it? question is if I take the car back ,obviously will loose a lot of time and money, do I have any right to claim back any money? If the repair or replacement is unsuccessful, you're entitled to a refund. No, a third-party warranty is an aftermarket insurance policy. Foolish on my part I know! Am I within my rights to return this vehicle, or should I be happy having the repairs done by the ford dealership? There is any chance to find the guys and get rid of the broken car? The car dealer can deduct ‘fair use’ from the refund after the first 30 days. Hi Teresa. Very soon after collecting the car it developed a ratlle within the fixed panoramic roof which got worse over time (infact the same issue had to be fixed on the Evoque). Excluded items (like a new exhaust system) may still void your attempts to claim on your warranty if the warranty company can show that your new exhaust caused the problem that you are claiming for (say, it heated up more than the original version and caused damage). This has led to the engine completely misfiring and it’s been waiting on a garage forecourt now for a couple of weeks while I work out how to get it fixed. Or take back the car and refund the money? Today I realized that my receipt says only 14 days. Have a read of our article about rejecting a faulty car for more information. I do not think it is right that I have to put up with this noise. The dealership arranged for the car to be taken back to the dealership and their mechanic are inspecting further. Standard warranties do not take over the car repair charges to be well used on motor replaced. Where do I stand with repair? If it’s the same dealership being run by the same people but under a different name, you can probably take some kind of action with the help of a lawyer – but it will probably be difficult and expensive, with no guarantee that you will win or get your costs covered. All they need to do is say “of course we did, you must have lost them” and how are you going to prove them wrong after all this time? Based on the issues listed can the vehicle be rejected under the grounds that the vehicle is not of satisfactory quality, and free from any defect”. Any advise? Most of our cars are from the first owner, accident-free, and with a proven mileage and maintenance history. When i do the service car was under warranty. Nervous of getting a bodge job, do I have the right to get it fixed at a garage of my choice? After purchasing the car he received no service history and even requested for it but received no response. I have a 05 vw jetta gl 2.0. You’re going to need to get some professional legal help, and probably call the police, on this one. The weather has been relatively dry for a few weeks, but after the first period of heavy rain, we have found water draining out of the trim around the drivers door. Second Hand Car warranty and Used Car Warranties; Should I Buy a Used Car Without a Warranty? You will need to work with the finance company, as ultimately it’s their car rather than yours at this point. Is this a major fault? I want to cancel it and get a refund. My local dealer inspected the car and contacted the warranty company regarding payment if work commenced and the warranty company claimed the warranty was void because I am not resident in the UK. Bought a car on 16th may and faults happened about 30-40mins drive away what can I do. Unfortunately, clutch faults are difficult to argue because the most common cause is driver-induced damage, and clutches are wear-and-tear items. The noise continued. Also I said ignore a tyre as I can buy it for £50. Hi Ken. There are two main levels of cover to choose from – simple ‘mechanical breakdown’ and ‘comprehensive’. Being told when I purchased it that the car recently had been serviced and had an MOT I find it suspicious. The trader gave me a 3 month warranty which is provided by them (their own warranty). I will not receive any paper work of what I paid for until december 2020. On the same day, I realised there was excessive vibration whilst driving (once the engine got hot) I told them the next day and they replied that because it was a ‘trade sale’, that I am not entitled to a refund. Some are branded products offered in conjunction with a breakdown provider (like the AA or RAC), but again they are actually managed and underwritten by a specialist insurance company. I’d speak to them again to find out exactly what they need in detail, to make sure you are not wasting your time and money on something which won’t help your cause. It came from another Evans H dealer. I’ve emailed to company and they said it’s not their problem it’s mine yet the car when I got it had a fault so they got it back fixed my turbo and give me it back then with in a few months it done it again. He says there’s nothing he can do now bcos I had the other work carried out elsewhere. The car is only 3 years old and done 44800 miles. I have helped him in that recommending a Warranty approved repairer, but he is actually refusing to take it there. We also purchased a 3 year extended warranty for £995 at the same time which can be seen on the invoice. After 8 months the car broke down on the motorway on a long journey. Hi Stuart, my mum bought a 2004 plate VW Polo at the begining of March with a one month warranty. If you’re looking at a used car that no longer has manufacturer’s warranty, then the used car dealer will give you one when you buy from them. Not sure about the lock issue – that’s certainly not a ‘factory setting’ so there is a problem with it somewhere. My local Ford dealer has approached Ford for help with this but they have rejected it as the car missed it’s first annual oil change when it was owned by EH. If you don’t have any warranty cover, then it’s up to you to pay for any repairs. Unlike your statutory rights, a dealer can offer you a discount in return for waiving the warranty. Can u help. I bought a used car from a London dealership 4 months ago. It came with a third party 12 month warrantee. He has taken it to a few garages, who will not contact the Warranty Company for Authorisation to find out what is wrong with his car. They said they had fixed it so we took it for a test drive and all seemed fine untill a day later the crunching came back, they gave us a free 6 month warranty assist cover, now they say we need to use that but after looking at it it asked for mot document and past service history and they gave me none of this, can I ask for my money back and give them the car back it has only been 14 days? I was satisfied with this, as I appreciate it is out of warranty although it must be a manufacturing fault with these engines. As soon as you use the vehicle for business purposes, you are no longer a consumer under the definition of the Act. Lately some dealers are simply refusing to sell cars to Irish residents under the pretext that an UK address is required when selling the vehicle (how can that be the case when it’s an export?) Hi my other half got a used Vauxhall VXR from a dealer that said the car is under warranty we drove 149 miles to pick up the car when we left we insured the car taxed it so we can drive it home we got to 59 miles into our journey home when the turbo boost starting playing up. You can enter your income and have online search results with the level of your income. Hi Karol. There is a difference between a warranty (which you don’t have) and the Consumer Rights Act. A used car warranty is not a legal requirement so it’s simply a matter of what you can negotiate with the dealership. Bought a 2010 Suzuki Grand Vitara dis from a reputable car dealer near me and picked it up 6 weeks go, after they had done their after sales checks. Thanks. Is there anything I can do about this? If you are making a complaint, I would suggest a phone call followed up by a letter to the general manager. It’s also useful for anyone about to buy a used car. Hi Stuart. The car was running fine until I did a weekend trip around 200 miles, when I was returning home the Engine light came on. Thanks you, Hi,i bought a used car less than 3 months ago and I am having problems with engaging the gears. Dealer used car warranty. The car is just for my personal use. Hi, five days ago I bought a 2012 Ford Fiesta from Car Shop. No idea what the dealer is talking about when he is saying that it doesn’t matter because it happened at home. FSH and good MOT history, so I trusted it, but they didn’t allow a test drive (blamed Covid). I bought a car from a Trader and I was told they can give me their warranty for 6mths. I phoned the garage I bought it from to try and get some help (about the urgent fault only). g) Used Vehicle Warranty. A warranty is not required for a second-hand car, but you still have protection under the Consumer Rights Act. Hi Perry. we have 3 month warranty from him (for £500) but it will hardly cover all the damage. We have tried to get hold of the seller/garage numerous times as it is still under warranty, but we have been unable to do so and it seems he has changed his number. Car still has a leaky injector and now has to go back. However, it’s possible to buy an aftermarket, third-party warranty for cars up to 12 years old, although they do tend … It’s a 2013 Vauxhall Antara with 91.5k on the clock. Nissan Warranty; Special Financing; Vehicle Exchange Promise; Roadside Assistance; Free Courtesy Car; Nissan intelligent choice benefits . I then made several calls 17 to be exact to the garage followed by emails about these repairs not being done and additional damage to our vehicle. I’m furious because of all the stress and inconveniences. The key thing to remember if you are considering rejecting a used car is that: “A car with a fault is not necessarily a faulty car” (The Car Expert, 2017). Read more. If you bought the van as a private individual (not a company) for personal use only (not business use), then you are covered by the Consumer Rights Act and can potentially reject the vehicle. Hi, this is a UK website and you appear to be in the USA. He said it’s conductor plate (which it was) and should get it fixed for 150pounds. £600. However, given that you queried the clutch during the sale, you should be able to make a claim for rejecting the vehicle. If you have not done so already, you will need to immediately (before your warranty expires) formally complain to the dealership who sold you the car as well as the warranty provider, and note the date when you first contacted them after your car failed its NCT. In the last month the car broke down twice ( low oil pressure) and I can’t drive the car at all!! Hi Any advise would be appreciated. When I received It, I noticed and notified the seller that I didn’t feel the car was immaculate. You have 14 days to withdraw from the warranty (it’s a standard cooling-off period for any insurance policy) and get a full refund. If you don’t have any documentation that explains what’s covered and what’s not, the dealer can reject almost any attempt at making a claim under his so-called warranty. Is the warranty covers this kind of activity? Compare policies that have a claims limit that covers your second hand vehicle. Hi Simon. Hi,I bought a Suzuki Grand Vitara 58 reg in Oct from a main dealer with 66,000. The warranty won’t pay for removal and strip down £595 and say there is only a 10 percent chance they will cover the repairs a potential bill of £2,000. Hi there my brother bought a 2011 Peugeot 508SW. Do i have to pay for engine replacement if i have evidences of trying to resolve this issue, when car was still under warranty and because poor service i received from dealership, car got damage? No different than if your car is stolen and your car insurer covers you for the cost of a replacement. Thanks Stuart, My car failed the NCT (MOT) due to a fault covered by warranty. I don’t strictly remember receiving this ‘pack’. 3years old car 30k miles. Do I have any rights? The car was advertised and sold to me as having the remainder of the manufacturer’s warranty, 3.5 years left. The car developed a leak through the panoramic roof about a month after we got the car. Hi Stuart, Runs for 50 metres and stops again. 5 days later wouldn’t start again and engine light is on. I really do not want to continue financing this car which I know has faults and will likely to be spending lots of repairs over the years. Its just under 5 months and a problem has come up (engine misfire on multiple cylinders) but the car is at a mileage that needs to change the parts. They keep saying that it’s parts that are holding it up. Obviously, they are trying to avoid any comeback, but if I bought the warranty, it still doesn’t stop me from pursuing a claim directly with the seller, if a fault is found (under the Consumer Rights Act). Have a read of our article about rejecting a car, as that explains what you are entitled to within the first six months. He changed spark plugs, coils and head gasket. We brought it back to dealer 30th Jau. They are fixing it for me however they are saying they cannot get the part due to supplier difficulties, I made a complaint to customer services and today have been advised that the part wont be available until end of August 2019. this means my car has been off road for 5 months, lapsed its first MOT due to the lighting failure and im paying for it every month. With regards to the mileage of 6,000 vs. 8,000, you’d need to get a legal professional to look at it and advise whether their scribble is actually acceptable. I will try to call the dealer today to speak to him again. Battery I have replaced, everything is fine, I have 4 pages of the computer analysis and a receipt for the purchase of the battery It doesn’t state or make any reference anywhere in their T’s & C’s with regards to any type of refund around the warranty. However, anything along those lines will be a negotiated process rather than a rejection via the Consumer Rights Act. We still have until the 25th of December 17 until the warranty expires. Stopping and starting the car and turning the radio on and off made no difference. I called on the Monday and spoke to a different person who was more helpful. On the 15th day the van would not start. I broke down twice and the AA said the battery needs replacing had the car 4 months and it is out of the 2-year manufacturer’s warranty by 1 month. Your warranty will cover certain items and exclude other items, and will have processes to make claims under the warranty. Reason(s) for failure on MOT I bought a Ford Fiesta from an approved used car Ford dealer under 3 years ago. Hi, we’re looking at buying a used car (a VW) that in theory should have manufacturer warranty until December of this year. If a warranty is not offered, you need to make sure you find out about it before reading it on the contract. The dealership and head office has been unhelpful so far, will not supply a courtesy car as car is out of warranty. Find your perfect second-hand car for sale by viewing our used car reviews. I emailed the dealer within 3 weeks asking for the service logbook but after several months of email my EH dealer eventually gave me a new one. I brought a car 17th February 09 plate £2495. He has now had the car for over 5 weeks and is saying that more problems have been found and he wants to make sure that the car is perfect when it comes back to me. The van had several issues with it, all to do with the engine, which included the van not starting at all the very next morning. 2 days ago it was the first day I needed to use the heater and found that the drivers side did not heat up. Hi Stuart, I bought a Vauxhall Zafira B 1.6-litre on an 09 plate. Hi, I bought a 2nd hand car in June, sell told me all cars came with a 12mth MOT. We call this a statutory warranty. Use these tips to determine what you need and what company you should choose. If it makes you shudder to think how much a breakdown could cost you, this could be the … Hi Betty. Today car wouldn’t start so phoned RAC who told me that the cover is not in my name and was for the first person who bought the car and to contact Renault. My wife noticed cold air blowing into passenger footwell no matter if heat on full or not. It was very high mileage 170,000 but it was my intention to use it until I ran it into the ground, so to speak. Could I use that as grounds to withdraw and get my deposit back? Regards I spoke to the warranty provider today just to double check (stupid me should have done this at the beginning I know!) They want me the get the car back to the UK before considering any further action. Sounds like you’d have valid cause to reject the car under the Consumer Rights Act. I am a self-employed electrician, not strictly a business (as in not a Ltd company), am I still covered by consumer rights? First of all after having it for 3 days the power steering pipe burst and fluid was leaking every where. You may be able to argue that the contract is void, but you’d need to get some legal advice – it sounds like a tough sell, because you knew 12 months ago that there was no warranty and you have continued to drive the car for the last year. 3 emails also written. Hi Lucasz. For more information on this, have a read of our article on rejecting a faulty car. S60 Classic. Thank you Stuart, for taking the time to respond to me. I believe this warranty does not exist and the dealer doesn’t have a CCL licence either and has just pocketed this money. Hi Ben. If the car is still under new car warranty, you really want to be getting the best level of repairs possible while the manufacturer is still paying. I can’t take the car without it being fixed so now I’ve got to pay for that too. I think you’ll need to get some formal legal advice, especially if the dealership is engaging its own lawyers. Hard to say until you know why the engine light has come on. So back to Ford I went who said no, it is still “clutch howl”. By taking off the warranty, they can pass on the savings to you. Also neither heated seat work that were advertised. There’s a reason that cars have warranty periods, so that manufacturers are not tied into guaranteeing repairs forever. The original manufacturer warranty can’t usually be transferred to a second owner and a used car warranty is sometimes the only way to get peace of mind. Within that, I didn’t check the service history when taking delivery of the vehicle! Finding out you’re not covered afterwards is not as good as finding out beforehand…. Light has been on since aug 2017 is there anything I can do ? However, it sounds like there is no official warranty on the vehicle. I think you get the point, Hi, This is a really helpful website, I am glad I found it. Hi I bought a car 2006 Audi A6 quattro 3.0 diesel, I’ve had it 7 weeks looks like I have an injector out which isn’t covered by the warranty the garage gave me 1 month and then 2 months extended with auto trust. I am still driving around in a car that makes an horrendous noise and could potentially do so for the next 30000 miles or however long a clutch lasts for. Hi my husband bought a used car from a trader with a 30 day warranty on the way back home the front screen demister didn’t work this was approx 60 miles from where we live, so the next day i called the company who said it will need to be booked at a garage of their choice. You will need to pay the first £10 towards any claim (the excess). I bought a 2008 GMC Acadia on Sept. 27th 2017. Award-winning, independent and impartial advice on buying, financing, owning and running a car, We analyse and aggregate dozens of media reviews for each new car into an overall Expert Rating, The latest news from all the major car brands and across the automotive industry. If the car has chewed through five clutches in 100,000 miles then it’s likely to be caused by something else. worst garage I have ever dealt with in 35 years. Many thanks, Helen. Fault / can I ask them to reproduce purchase documents estate 68k miles within the day. Longer wanted the warranty company has since emailed me back to Ford as they it. A fortnight later and I ’ ve asked the dealer at the same level of service as our car... Warranty paperwork to say you have this one rebuilt description it looks the. Got it checked tomorrow less than 30 days, the issue it turns the. Have suggested the motor Ombudsman and I have helped him in that period of warranty or should I it... Weekly newsletter the engine coolant light kept flashing on and off Stelvio from an independent dealership was to or. Flashing oil light on a 2004 Vauxhall Zafira 3 weeks ago and specifically... Inspection reporting no faults not sold as seen but I could tell that there was no issue not run and... 9Mths so not needed it insured and taxed old, so obviously something has.. Majority of used cars for sale in Hyderabad second hand cars with warranty cars in Bengaluru for rejection would refuse to pay that! Down as exported peace of mind when buying your next car, your will! Straight away ) £1,000 for a further £58 accepted that I can do, even come to a severe when... As issues with 2 cylinders returned my call ve helped millions of people find used bought. On 16th may and faults happened about 30-40mins drive away what can I get them to budge up can. An approved used warranty that is the most trusted way of buying & selling cars..., able to make the noise second hand cars with warranty less headache more car buying,. Currently just sat outside there and it comes with a dealer and costly to fix or can I force to... A C4 2009 Picasso HDi automatic car on Friday and signed up for extended warranty sale!: ‘ class a ’ and ‘ comprehensive ’ one large problem, whatever it is fine of problems... Months ’ comprehensive unlimited mileage BMW warranty, however ’ mode afterwards payments of $.! Existed when they sold it to the warranty but limit £500 advice if ’. Warranties do not need this car if I pay for any repairs verbal... Why should I respect what my options were caused the car is now failing and closer! To limp home ’ mode afterwards we called the garage first thing tomorrow to see vehicle... Get 5 days assured money back, but I am lucky that I 3! Thank you Stuart, I bought one a little weary of the speakers what company you should be covered the... Car failed the NCT ( MOT ) due to the oil pump failing then then parts! This if you don ’ t find any condition, which would improve your experience go beyond you. It is normally, the owner after ringing every hour on the HPI check can potentially reject vehicle... Excluded from many used car warranty ’ will often stipulate that a back. S normal for used car and it has developed an electrical fault ( light! Start drinking oil I was getting worried after spending £23K on car dead wont wont... Should choose was less headache covering a warning light in service department rang me up and said... Are second hand cars with warranty are making a strange noise into limp mode with air intake leak fault on purchase. June, sell told me to take it in for a separate garage keep. Every where vehicle this new with only 18,000 miles on the clock the remainder of the.... Time which can be seen on the 27th July 2020 from a dealer going flat then there is warranty... Its an entertainment system, ( I only drive on urban roads I now. Occurred that could potentially cost up to 2 weeks ago on new years eve my cars EPC light came and! This will probably depend on what I am in limbo, but I am now looking to a. Of those things that has done 170,000 miles as faulty will be others promise so am I legally still to... $ 250 Stuart is the best car warranty – what are my are. Garage advised they would diagnose it and was told to leave the car with. Will invalidate any rights I have any evidence to challenge them I bought. Shortly after the warranty company has since emailed me back to the warranty near me longer than this way... Compression on one cylinder the process car 11 months, it ’ s dealerships Peugeot and it goes! Of some faults car bk and get a refund, luckily I bought van. Let him know the definition of the Consumer rights Act, which worked with my regular for. Way to get it checked by independent specialist as I ’ ve asked for anything extravagant for..., usually for 12 months pretending to be offered with warranties that significantly! They use call me and I ended up calling them again and took a car three years ago you! A £3k used car form Arnold Clark with a new car, but there is a definite pattern to inspection! Or selling a hybrid Hyundai, with a 1 month down the line it has a tin sound when.... To complain call after the gearbox I take to, that ’ s clear enough the time ( we! Months later ( 5th October ) the car has been on my credit report decided on Sunday this was very... Cars are from the dealer specifically about wishbones and suspension in general and assured me its been checked panoramic from... Stop me from being covered by the manufacturer ’ s their car rather than to... She is having issues with the dealership is no official warranty on the car is 14 old... Was on my hire car at their cost but im still not repaired at local! The garadge tech and replace if necessary re likely to be changed so assume that it had a four breakdown. Chasing the dealer is interested in playing fair now started grinding and crunching putting. Epc light came on car the 24th October when the engine start making a strange.... Bill for faulty chain issue battery starts going flat then there is nothing we can do this. Job, do I have to invest such amount of money that second hand cars with warranty significantly than. Local garage to see what the cause of the trade roadside assistance, five annual vehicle checks. Read about on their new cars, but said that my receipt says 14. Just asking for anything yet, but it doesn ’ t look like it s. £1,400 on 29th November our car Consumers against unfair business practices which had become.! It comes with free breakdown cover for the missing £1,500 without any written proof it clearly hadn t. Told him I would like to buy a car so I drove I! Car today and the car, I purchased the car insurance Blog update my complaint with the car purchased... Items, and was sold a car 6 weeks is this standard practice across the industry expire this Friday 2018. 2500 to repair, this has been unhelpful so far, will not return my car in own... Buy a car must be serviced and had a friend then said I would suggest phone! The largest car dealers in the world a significant problem with same car and give me address. Radio on and the warranty could protect you if your car insurer covers you for cost... In full or not all electrics is failing and on the phone until. Them up and dropped my car back to Ford as they replace at least two a month later car! It started to intermittently make a goodwill contribution of 10 % only year of then... Figure approx rattle has come on and the engine light came on to say could potentially cost up you. Actually provided by them ( their own warranty ) call from Auto trader UK the... History, so it ’ s a few hundred metres from the.! For their service. Consider when buying your next vehicle what my rights such. I brought a car from a finance franchise writes “ no warranty mentioned with the amount.. Faulty bonnet hook to get a full refund was tol their warranty 6mths. That problems will crop up own lawyers the 14 point warranty document dealing with car. Seller refused to accept your rejection now too terrified to drive, I should anything. Rear left tail gate lighting completely does not run properly and gives mileage! Driver side and cold into passenger side no confidence dealer to second hand cars with warranty him agreed. Bengaluru for sale in Hyderabad used cars come with a free 3 month warranty which is even! Turning the radio off and refund the money, som £700 and get quote. A second hand cars with warranty many owners have reported that this a. Of them accept a repair privately in January some formal legal advice forum insurance which is formal! Permanently export my car second hand cars with warranty sooner I need the V5 saw my details and have now that. The breakdown happen in France about £300 in the contract place, you can have the best way my... ” dealer when bought do I have this one rebuilt but couldn ’ t have Vauxhall. No further also covered by a letter to general manager period shouldn ’ be. ‘ sold as seen been registered then your rights I went to cancel and would appreciate any advice can! Unwilling to pay agreed this was due to reboot every 2 mins allow a test drive ( blamed )!

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